First applications in GOV 2.0 ?

The new American President-elect Barack Obama  agenda for the Internet and technology!

Some highlights: “Protect the Openness of the Internet, Encourage Diversity in Media Ownership, Protect Our Children While Preserving the First Amendment, Safeguard our Right to Privacy, Invest in University-Based Research, Reform the Patent System”.

The agenda and the campaign run by President-elect Barack Obama are interesting on many levels, the question I keep having in mind however is; will this new administration go down in history also as the first to develop a new form of active political participation based on technology based social networking (hence GOV 2.0) ?.  Certainly the use of WEB 2.0 tools made by the campaign has been unique, but what is more interesting is that it seems that the president-elect has no intention to let go of these tools. The big question: representational democracy has always been based on the fact of electing someone to “represent” you, to be your vice, in the political process. Technology has strongly changed our ability to participate to the political process. Should not this be transformed in a set of new “democratic” tools to have direct effect on our policy makers decision making? Barack Obama´s technology agenda and new website seems to indicate so, will it be then GOV 2.0 after all?

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