Barack Obama Inauguration and CNN use of Photosynth

obama1And so it seems that the day Barack Obama sworn in as the 44th president of the United States CNN decided to use a spectacular new technology to show a 3D image of the moment he was sworn in  (Photosynth anybody?). The image promises to mix and merge pictures taken by people attending the event (Photosynth for sure!), and also show an image taken by a satellite. Lets see what they will do exactly, but clearly new Social Navigation Systems are moving fast.

UPDATE: and there you go! It was a rather banal application of Photosynth, the special occasion and world wide distribution of the picture will sure make this picture a favorite among the examples of scholars that will flock on the subject. Collective Image Making it is, one more reason to read my article -teaser- and the final article (which is way more juicy then the teaser) about the evolution and the implications of these new forms of Image Making

this is the link to “the moment”

UPDATE 24/1/09
Well there is another picture circulating that is also quite interesting, and actually nicer to navigate. Conceptually is not as interesting as the CNN “The moment” coproduction, but visually quite intriguing and based on a similar digital merge here it is LINK (Photo David Bergman)