Deus ex Machina, MICROSOFT KINECT much more than a new game controller

The genie is “almost” out of the box. This has been in the making for a long time, far from being something technically new (many machines have been able to decode visual information for some time now) it is something phenomenally different and uniquely important. A game controller on the surface, it is under the skin the first huge leap in the uncharted water of next generation interacting “sensing machines”. On the surface an innovative game controller, under the skin a “game changer”, the first baby step of a new generation of interacting devices. Think of the game industry as a huge incubator or training facility in which the machine is using us to learn to interact with us. A two players game in which one tries to outsmart the other reacting to each gamers every move. The potential evolution of this technology is no short of a science fiction scenario. Do not be confused, we are not playing the machine, the machine is learning to play us. It´s the first step, they can now see and interpret the world, much more will soon come.


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