Understanding the Future of Augmented Humans.

My keynote speech at the forthcoming “Insafe” (Internet Safety) meeting in Budapest, October 2012. The European Union’s Insafe network comprises 27 countries that regularly meet as part of The European Commission  “Safer Internet Program”. The title of the key-note is:

Understanding the Future of Augmented Humans.Technologies have traditionally been approached as ancillary tools in the history of mankind. Means used to master nature and our environment, or tools used to enhance creativity and communication. This once clear distinction between us humans, the technologies we use and the environments we live in, have been gradually eroding in the past few decades. What we see today cannot be characterised anymore as further evolution in a long process of technological development. Current technological evolutions are better understood as first steps in a complex redefinition of what it means to be human. Individuals, organisations, governments and industries, just like children, are evolving, changing, learning, internalising technology and socialising with an ever-changing reality where the distinction between who we are and what technology allows us to be, is becoming more and more blurred. To understand this evolution requires good judgement, a sense of history, and above all a sense of purpose.

2 thoughts on “Understanding the Future of Augmented Humans.

  1. I really think you hit the nail on the head with this piece. The boundaries between human beings and their technology are becoming blurred to a point of near nonexistence. Social interaction has been completely revolutionized through the introduction of innovative technological products. We are losing sight of the way the world works and has worked for hundreds of years by drifting into a cyberspace dependency. I was particularly intrigued by your belief that a sense of history is essential to understanding this technological evolution. Without understanding where we came from how can we understand the way our world is changing and where it will end up? Thank you for your post and insight!

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