Mediated Life after Virtualization. A Critical Look at the Scenarios Forecast by New Wearable Augmented Reality Visualization Technologies.

My presentation at RE:PUBLICA13 in Berlin 7th of may.

If, as Thomas and Cook state, ‘visual representations and digital visualization techniques take advantage of the human eye’s broad bandwidth pathway into the mind to allow users to see, explore, and understand large amounts of information at once’ what are the consequences of a technology that does not pretend anymore to “simulate” reality or its visualization but now “naturally” creates the way we see the world and experience it?

What will follow the inevitable technological peak and demise of old communication technologies such as the mobile and the screen? If the mobile embodied the newly acquired freedom from the constrained spaces of earlier mediated communications. And the screen, the frame, the partition that for a long time both connected and divided reality from its representation. The “SixthSense” and “Project Glass” both represent the early steps in the final technological, cognitive and cultural evolution that will finally embrace media transparency and invisibility (Project Glass), and welcome media anthropomorphization (SixthSense) in the illusion of a new “unmediated” and “augmented” life. Mobiles and the screen will not disappear, at first, but new “seamless” and “immersive” technological evolutions will acquire social, cultural and market dominance while cannibalizing previous technological milestones very much like television did with photography, radio and cinema, and the computer did with them all.


A must read article on “Privacy is innovation”

and I quote: “Social Privacy is the innovative background idea here. A form of privacy which is not an obstacle to sharing, but rather one that goes hand in hand with the creation of social relations and communications. It’s not a clear cut block of personal data, but a diverse kind of privacy, where users are in control of what they share with who, under which circumstances and in which situations. These services are evolutions of our online social spheres moving beyond the idea of the social medium to a more advanced idea about digital media as tools for human social relations. And they are actually moving in on old giants of social networking such as Facebook stealing their market shares. Privacy is in fact innovation. The lack of it can dampen creativity and suppress freedom of speech (and thus thought). And more of it may entice consumers to pay more and choose a specific service studies show. The only reason the default is public is that we were not innovative enough to think privacy by design from the beginning empowering users with a choice.

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Obama “no track” button a BIG misleading MESS

So you all have heard the story Obama today suggested that he has reached an agreement with some major internet companies to implement a “no track” button that will allow users to decide if to be tracked or not when browsing the internet. Or so it would seem given the denomination of the “button”. This “no track” button is said to be inspired by a long awaited extension of the principles of the “bill of rights” to the legislation that should regulate and protect users in their activities online. This however is a very misleading formulation, because the “no track” button will NOT stop tracking or guarantee privacy when surfing the net, but only communicate to the host service that the user does not want to receive targeted advertising based on that tracking. This is very confusing and misleading, and far from the implementation of the principles of “privacy by design” (Privacy by Design means that privacy and data protection are embedded throughout the entire life cycle of technologies from the early design stage to their deployment, use and ultimate disposal) that would actually be an equivalent, fair and inspired evolution of the “bill of rights”. This “button” and its actual function will in the end cause more damage than the problems it tries to fix giving ammunition to some politicians to explain and sustain with the misinformed that the law is already working on a reinterpretation of the bill of rights, and that the us has already achieved or working on guaranteeing these principles when it is really actually not. A big mess that has the only positive of creating a precedent that might inspire more serious revisions and extension of the laws of humans to the laws of post humans.

“Re-visualizing the City” Call for papers for the IVSA 2012 International Conference, 9th to 11th July 2012, St. Francis College, Brooklyn, New York

54052351-Lapenta-2011-Geomedia-on-Location-Based-MediaI am co-organizing the “Re-visualizing the City” international conference. An in depth look at the latest trends and visions of the smart cities of the future. Please redistribute to your departments and friends: Call for papers  “Re-Visualizing the City”, 9th to 11th July 2012, St. Francis College, Brooklyn, New York

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SMART or NOT! …. the closing of megavideo and megaupload and the lies of SOPA

This is like saying that becasue on that high street there is someone selling counterfeited goods instead of going after the limited illegal selling of counterfeited goods they shut down the entire street or any other street where “even one” illegal copy of something is sold.

If it were true that data should be compared to real physical commodities or that by that principle they should share the same identical values and economic principles open that “SECOND HAND file exchange website” already, because sure enough if I bought and own it I can TRADE, EXCHANGE or RE SELL IT when I want ….. or not?

One more proof that people does not have yet a sense that virtual and real are forever connected and that common sense and the law should not be able to undo what decades of social struggles and civil rights evolution have accomplished.